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Mar 19, 2012 The Legacy League

I started The Legacy League with a few goals in mind:

1) I will create the kinds of comics that I want to read--simple, direct stories about superheroes saving the world from supervillains. I don't find these kinds of things on the comic shelves very much these days.

2) I want to share my love of Golden Age heroes and Legacy characters by reimagining old public domain characters in a new generation.

3) My main goal is to create and publish one page every weekday. By doing this I hope to practice simplicity and spontaneity while kick-starting my imagination. I want to keep things lose and fun and not get bogged down in technical details like I have in the past. No preplanning, just a pencil, a pen, and a blank sheet of paper. Superhero comics as improvisational jazz.

I hope you enjoy it.